Warranty Information

Performance Warranty is only valid on part(s) replaced during the original repair. Accidental damage such as cracked screens, liquid damage, or any other physical damage is not covered by our performance warranty under any circumstance.

No refunds on water damage data recovery. All parts replaced have a 90 day performance warranty from the date of the original repair.

The Smartphone Doctor, LLC does not guarantee that every device is repairable. The Smartphone Doctor, LLC is not responsible for any damage or data loss to a device before, during, or after any repair. All devices sold have a 14 day return policy.

Any sold devices returned within 14 days will incur a $30 restocking fee.

All abandoned devices are recycled after 30 days from the original drop-off date. Please contact Ethan Cox or Addam Benton, the owners of The Smartphone Doctor, LLC, at contact@thesmartphonedoctor.com for comments or concerns.